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SP2007 stsadm backup - transaction log file question

  Date: May 29    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1255

I googled this and also searched previous posts to this list, however, it's
not clear to me ...

does using stsadm -o backup ....
behind the scenes also take care of reducing the size of the log file

(ie truncating ti to the last marked record (set by the last backup ?(as I
understand it))) for the config and content databases ?

[background - scheduled tasks is used to call a bat file which has the stsadm
command in it.

M->Sat incremental, and Sunday full.

Person who set it left and recently the tasks haven't run and the log files are
pretty big.

So, phrased differently my question is does getting the stsadm backup working
take care of the log file issue ?]



4 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered On: May 29    

Assuming you're talking about the SQL transaction logs...

I've heard it said that a "full farm backup" is the only way to ensure that
the t-logs are shrunk. However -- as you've probably discovered via Google
-- there are some assertions that if your DB server is in simple recovery
mode, then the transaction logs will automatically shrink on backup. Then
again, I'm not sure how much communication stsadm has with the DB anyway, so
I could be (and probably am) full of it.

If your site collection size and traffic load permit, I'd suggest running a
full tonight and looking at the transaction logs afterward.

Was that any help at all?

Answer #2    Answered On: May 29    

Thanks for responding. Yes I meant the transaction logs.
I re-created the scheduled tasks and it didn't run.
Conversely, maybe another way of looking at this ....under SP2007 (and w/o using
3rd party tools) is the only way to do scheduled backups is this approach; ie
create scheduled tasks which invoke a bat file which invokes the stsadm backup ?

Answer #3    Answered On: May 29    

I'd say that's probably the only way you're going to get your backup with
OOTB features. Seems like Central Admin might have something for this, but
I'm not sure (a) how granular the backups are, and (b) whether they always
run. Seems like the CA GUI-based backups are less reliable and more
inscrutably-formatted (anecdotal, my opinion, etc).

So the scheduler is not setting off the jobs, eh? Is there anything in the
Windows Event Log or the SharePoint logs about errors, failures, etc?

Honestly, I'd be surprised if SP actually did anything to the logs on its
own; it seems like that would be the province of the SQL Server team. Sure
would be nice to get an inside answer, though.

If you want to back up a site collection and that method isn't working for
you, then you do have the option of SQL Server backups for individual
content databases. True, you may get more than one site collection --
depending on how your SCs are set up -- but it would at least provide
current content for DR.

Answer #4    Answered On: May 29    

Just to followup.
As it turned out we actually did have a disk space issue - the backup requires
(addiitonal) disk space for temporary work.
By running the stsadm (with the backup option) command in a command window it
does this approximate space calculation and exits w/ an indicating message. [my
bad for not trying this sooner]
This back up option does not compress the log files (as Peter correctly pointed

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