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SP1 Upgrade Failure

  Asked By: Bradley    Date: Oct 28    Category: MOSS    Views: 1125

I tried to upgrade SharePoint with the WSS & MOSS SP1 upgrade and it
failed. I even tried to run the `psconfig –cmd upgrade –force'
command and it also failed.

My setup is: (1 WFE, 1 APP server running search, & 1 SQL server

It seems that when I installed SharePoint for my production servers,
I used the RTM version ( By using this version, all
databases has this version number except for the SEARCH database
which has a version of ( and does not have the
field `SecurityUpdateErrorID' at the end of the `MSSCrawlURL' table.

My question would be:

How would I get the search database corrected in order to run the SP1
upgrade? Any Ideas?

Why would the SERACH table have this version number ( - WSS
2.0 SP2) in it for a clean MOSS install (not an upgrade)?

Here is a section from the Upgrade.log.
[SPManager] [DEBUG] [9/26/2008 5:18:24 PM]: [SearchSharedDatabase
Name=SharedServices6_Search_DB Parent=SPDatabaseServiceInstance
Name=SQLSPINTRA] Running 1 of 6 steps

[SearchDatabaseActionForV2V] [] [DEBUG] [9/26/2008 5:18:24
PM]: Begin Upgrade()
[SearchDatabaseActionForV2V] [] [DEBUG] [9/26/2008 5:18:24
PM]: Executing search property store database object upgrade script
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server
Extensions\12\Template\SQL\SPS\1033\SEARCHDATADB.SQL on database
[SPManager] [DEBUG] [9/26/2008 5:18:29 PM]: SyncUpgradeTimerJob:
sleeping for 10 seconds

[SearchDatabaseSequence] [ERROR] [9/26/2008 5:18:36 PM]: Action of
Microsoft.Office.Server.Search.Upgrade.SearchDatabaseSequence failed.
[SearchDatabaseSequence] [ERROR] [9/26/2008 5:18:36 PM]:
Column 'SecurityUpdateErrorID' in table 'MSSCrawlURL' is invalid for
creating a default constraint.
Could not create constraint. See previous errors.



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