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SP Designer Workflow Task Locked

  Asked By: Gregory    Date: Oct 12    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 3279

I have an urgent problem which I hope I can get some assistance with for a
application I have been asked to support.


- A worklfow has been created in SharePoint Designer against a list.

- The task list has had the email option turned off

- The task list has an additional SP Designer workflow attached to it so
that custom task emails can be created.

- The tasks items are not updated by the workflow attatched to the tasks list

- There is no code in this solution as it was built entirely with SP
designer (urg!)

Steps to reproduce

1.When an item is created in the initial list, the first workflow starts and
creates a task in the task list.
2.The task list workflow then fires and sends the custom email out to the
task owner.
3.The task owner tries to approve the task but gets a "this task is
currently locked" exception. (50% of the time)
4.The problem does not resolve itself over time or even after a iisreset.
Things I have tried

•Setting the workflow-event-delivery-timeout to 15 (no improvement)
•Setting the workflow_eventdeliver_throttle to 30 (worked the first couple
of times and then never again)
I am complemently stuck here and would really appreciate any assistance that
can be offered on this problem.



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