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SP 2007: Where are ad hoc list filter parameters stored?

  Asked By: Roxana    Date: Oct 31    Category: MOSS    Views: 1072

Before I dig into this, I'd like to see if anyone has any information to
help ease the pain (my googling has yielded nothing but this is a somewhat
arcane topic).

Due to the implementation of FBA on a client's MOSS box, the usual client
integration functions (like Export to Excel) no longer work. I've created a
custom assembly that takes a list name and view name and spits out the view
as an XLS file, but now they want to incorporate additional ad hoc filtering
and sorting. That is, if they come to the view and click a column header or
two, they want all those adjustments to be reflected in the resulting Excel
worksheet when they click the Export link.

This leads me to wonder where the temporary filter/sort parameters are
stored. I assume it's in a hidden field somewhere; if it's encoded on the
client, then I'll probably need to tap into the OnMouseOverAdHocFilter
function to pick it up along the way. Obviously I'm grasping at straws here
and I'd appreciate any input you folks might have -- product team, anyone?



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Gerard Randall     Answered On: Oct 31

If the client has upgraded to SharePoint 2007 SP2 and Office 2007 SP2 the
usual client integration features should work if you turn client integration
back on. That was fixed for FBA in SP2. But you have to have both the
SharePoint SP2 and the office client SP2 installed for it to work. I would
go that route before trying to do something custom.

Answer #2    Answered By: Audra Mccormick     Answered On: Oct 31

They're largely on Office 2003 at this point, and the custom
solution is already in place.

Even so though, does Export to Excel now incorporate the ad hoc filter/sort
data as well?

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