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Can somebody Help in answering these questions for a SharePoint Depl

  Asked By: Johanna    Date: May 02    Category: MOSS    Views: 1300

1. Given that in an operational environment;
• Two physical servers running Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise and
coupled in a cluster to provide more availability.

• SharePoint Server 2007 Enterprise needs to be installed on
the cluster to have the SharePoint Server availability increased
through the above cluster. It is required to have the system to
failover to the other SharePoint instance if the primary server has

2. The questions are ;
• How many licenses of SharePoint core Server 2007 needs to be
• What is the recommendation if we want to install SQL Server
2005 standard at the same physical machine which is running the
SharePoint Server 2007?.
• Assuming that SQL server 2005 is going to be installed with
the SharePoint Server 2007 on the same machine: Is a domain
controller/active directory services needed?
• Is it applicable to install the Microsoft Project Server 2007
with the above installation (SharePoint and SQL Servers) on the same
physical machine?
• Can the Project Server 2007 be installed separately on the
same physical machine where the SharePoint server 2007 is installed
without integration with the installed SharePoint Server?
• What is the scalability conclusion of a deployment like the
mentioned above?

3. How far the hardware Virtualization is recognized with this
kind of deployment?.
4. What are the main reasons for shifting to Virtualization?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Arron Middleton     Answered On: May 02

First I think we need to clarify some terminology. SQL servers  are
clustered, but sharepoint  Web Front End servers are Load balanced. To
provide a truly fault tolerant solution you must cluster the SQL server
and load balance the web Front end. You might be able to do that on two
machines, but I would normally suggest you should have 4 (2 WFEs Load
balanced and 2 SQL clustered). That kind of environment  is necessary
because although you can failover the sql server  you can't failover the
WFE. Both WFE servers would be available all the time. If one crashed
one would still remain in an emergency. Its not a failover type of

So on to the questions.

* You need a SharePoint server license for each SharePoint
server. 2 for the WFE servers and none for the SQL SERVERS since they
won't be running  sharepoint just providing SharePoint data.

* I don't recommend installing SQL server on the WFE server in a
Load Balanced environment. It should be a separate box.

* Since you are talking about 2 WFE servers you will need Active

* I'm not an expert on project server but I don't think it can
be installed separately on the same server as SharePoint. You should be
able to install them together, but not as completely separate

* Not sure what you are asking. A 2 WFE server environment with
a clustered SQL environment is easily scalable to a much larger

In general Microsoft will only support Virtual Server virtualization for
SharePoint. Using Virtual Server you should be able to build the exact
same setup that you would build physically. However, many people
question whether virtualizing a SQL cluster is a good idea or not. I
usually don't build virtual clusters for anything other than development
or training.

Managing one piece of hardware but making it look like several pieces of