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Slow Searches with Portal Server

  Asked By: Douglas    Date: Feb 13    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1023

We have a customer who has recently installed portal server on quite
a powerful piece of hardware (twin Zeons, 2 gig of memory etc..).
SQL is sat on a different Server on the LAN (Same segment).

They have recently started to put documents on the system and
currently have a database size of about 2gig. They only have three
users using the system at the moment but they are complaining that
searches are taking a long time (almost 30 seconds to bring back a
hit list) they have primarily PDF files but at the moment not very
many of them. They all contain approx. 8 metadata fields.

The documents are held within two document libraries at present in a
Standalone site collection.

I've taken a look with performance monitor and the processors are
peaking out for the duration when a search is instigated - which I
thought strange.

Any ideas where to start looking in order to find the cause of the



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Jesus Foster     Answered On: Feb 13

I was trying to install Sharepoint 2003 on a
standalone laptop. I was able to install SPS
successfully but not able to create portal. After 52%
completion it failed. I checked out the log file and
its says "...Unable to retreive users or group from
Active Directory..". Finally I enable my LAN by
connecting it on an internet and tried creating the
portal. It worked. Now Its working fine even after i
disabled LAN.

Do I need to enable LAN to create a portal  on a
standalone machine?

Answer #2    Answered By: Alfredo May     Answered On: Feb 13

Either enable the LAN or:

-Setup a hosts file entry to your machine name (not just the default
-Disable the named pipes SQL server  protocol using the SQL Server
Network Utility
-Reboot your machine

I went thru lots of trial and error to consistently discover this

Then the portal  should create without being on a network. I know its an
odd solution and I'm not entirely sure what this accomplishes, but it
must alter something in the authentication for local accounts and
machine name resolution on the TCP/IP protocol for the local machine.
After the reboot I think that you can optionally remove the hosts entry
and re-enable the named pipes protocol but I don't typically do it. Why
take the chance?

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