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How to add Sites to Site directory for searching

  Asked By: Harley    Date: Jun 15    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1368

It just dawned on me that SPS doesn't use the \SiteDirectory\ Sites List to know what Sites to search, instead it uses the "Site directory".

The problem I'm having is that I only have 4 Sites showing up in the "Site directory" instead of the 48 I expect. Needless to say, Search isn't working too well.
This section enables you to specify crawling options for sites in the Site Directory.

Sites: 4
Default behavior for new sites: Index under "Site Directory (System)"
Default behavior for new links: Index under "Site Directory (System)"
Sites pending approval: 0
Sites included in index: 4
Sites excluded from index: 0
Does anyone know how to manually add existing Sites to the "Site Directory"? (...and I'm not referring to http://<servername>/SiteDirectory/Lists/Sites/Summary.aspx this Site Directory).



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Tory Sellers     Answered On: Jun 15

I figured it out.

- Go to an Area Page, like Site Directory, one you just created, it doesn't matter
- Click the "Add Link to Site" link, enter the Title/URL/Owner/Division, and check "include in search  results"
- Now that Site will show up in the "Site directory" (http://<servername>/_layouts/1033/SearchSettings.aspx)

Each Area page has it's own "Sites" list  (aka "Site Directory")... Since we only want one "Site Directory", we're going to purge the "Sites" list on all but one Area page (we'll leave it on the Area Page called "Site Index"). It has no special value other than being a custom list of all Sites in that Area or on that Portal.

Answer #2    Answered By: Agustin Miranda     Answered On: Jun 15

here too:


i think this page is dependant on the site  directory - i was looking at Bill English's post, mindsharpblogs.com/.../687.aspx and indeed these 2 have a undocumented relationship - if you delete the coveted sites  directory, you also cannot use this page.

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