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Sites and Areas and Lists

  Asked By: Guy    Date: Aug 03    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 914

First of all, I am copying Bill's list because I think this is an
interesting thread and would like to hear more opinions.

I have some answers/opinions on your points below.

1. Security at the list/doc library level: it is counterintuitive, but
if you click the Manage Security link and then Add user button you can
add a user to the area. Click Advanced Security to specify what that
user can do. In that list you can specify whether or not the user can
view/add listings and documents.
2. Event Lists and Workspaces - there is something odd going on here. I
am given a box on the Event Item to create a workspace, but when I check
it I get the error :
"Portal sites do not support the creation of Document or Meeting
Workspaces. To create a SharePoint site based on another site template,
click Sites and click Create Site from the action pane."
So, you are correct, but I don't think this is the way it should work.
Perhaps in the production version this will be fixed.
3. I have a theory on the Members webpart - since areas are supposed to
be portal sites and sites are supposed to be collaboration areas(how's
that for backwards logic) I would guess that only a site should have
members, as Portals are generally viewed by lots of people and sites by
only a few.
4. On Bill's question about inheritance - it appears that you can turn
subarea inheritance on and off on the Manage Security link on each
Subarea page. Rather than a checkbox they switch is actually a link in
the paragraph at the top of the page. This would be a nice fix, as I
missed it numerous times before actually bothering to read the

Side note - a nice add on to Visio would be a Sharepoint Planning tool.
If I could dump my taxonomy into a Visio file and then have my
Sharepoint site created based on specifications I put into this file
then I wouldn't be having this problem of sites versus areas, as I would
expect the tool to be able to choose the proper construct for me. Just
a thought in case anyone at Microsoft is listening



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Riley Scott     Answered On: Aug 03

I'm putting together a sites  vs areas  (Topics, Categories, whatever you
want to call them today) document  for our own purposes to outline the
pros and cons to each and will publish it to this list  when done so this
is good input for that.

One thing that I can't confirm right now is the linkage to documents  in
areas (my SPS server is getting rebuilt as I screwed up the top  level
site by trying to wipe everything out and rebuild without reinstalling,
don't try this at home kids).

You have categories and documents. A document was put  into a document
library and you could associate it under 0 or more categoires. When you
selected a category you could see all the documents associated with that
category. If the document moved the category listing would always refer
to the right location for the document because the category list was
coming from the document itself, not it's location.

You have areas (I'll use this term for now) and documents. A document is
put into a document library  inside an area. You can associate the
document with 0 or more areas. When you select an area  you see all the
documents associated with that area.

Now the difference (correct me if I'm wrong here). If I move the
document in V2 the original area the document was living in is updated,
but any extra areas are not updated and point to the where the document
was originally assigned to. Correct?

add  test.doc to a document library under area1 in the portal. I then
go into the properties of the document and tell it that it's associated
with area1, area2, and area3. I select area3 in my tree and see the
document. I then move the location of the document from area1 to area4.
If I select area3 now does it point to the document in area4 (where it
now lives) or try to refer back to the non-existant document in area1?

Answer #2    Answered By: Adya Khavatekar     Answered On: Aug 03

> "Portal sites  do not support  the creation  of Document or Meeting
> Workspaces. To create  a sharepoint  site based  on another site
click  Sites and click Create site  from the action  pane."
> So, you are correct, but I don't think this is the way it should work.
> Perhaps in the production  version this will be fixed.

I think I read  somewhere in the Administrator's manual that this was
expected behavior. This leads me to believe it won't be "fixed".

> 3. I have a theory on the members  webpart - since areas  are supposed
> be portal  sites and sites are supposed  to be collaboration  areas(how's
> that for backwards logic) I would guess that only a site should have
> members, as Portals are generally viewed  by lots of people  and sites
> only a few.

Well, since you suggest that "areas are supposed to be portal sites" and
since sites have members, shouldn't the members webpart work  in an area.

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