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My Site Web Part gallerys

  Asked By: Tyler    Date: Nov 26    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 2262

I have a custom web part that needs to be added to the web part
gallery of the PRIVATE version of a mysite.
If I go and add it to the
http://mysitehostserver/_layouts/settings.aspx page I can access a
web part gallery.
When I add my web part there, it doesn't appear as an option to be
added to my mysite home site.
However, it is available if I click on "my profile" and try to add it
Short of stapling the web part onto the mysite masterpage, is there
another way to add that web part into a gallery that will allow me to
add it onto the private mysite page.

The url for the page it is available is:

The url for that page that I want to add it to is:

just to make sure we are all on the same page..(scuse the pun)



3 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Ebony Perkins     Answered On: Nov 26

Are you trying to add  the web  part to the gallery  so that everyone can
use it on their MySite? Or do you just want to add it to your own?

If it's the former, then you will need to add it to the Web Application
(Server) gallery because every mysite  is its own site  Collection with
its own Web Parts Gallery. Assuming that the .dll's and SafeControl
entries have already been added  appropriately then you can add the .dwp
or .webpart file for the webpart to a wpcatalog directory of the MySite
Web Application root directory on the Web Front End Servers. It will
then show up everywhere in that Web Application.

If you want to add it just to your own mysite gallery. Then you should
be going to mysitehostserver/personal/myname/default.aspx and
accessing the Site Actions > SiteSettings menu there. In there you will
see the WebPart Gallery for your own MySite. Again, this is dependent
on the .dll being in an available location and a SafeControl entry in
the web.config file for the MySite Host Web Application. If you add it
to the http://mysitehostserver/_layouts/settings.aspx Site Settings you
are adding it to the Root Site Collection of the MySite host that is
used for certain configuration settings when creating a MySite, but
otherwise not used. Since that's a separate Site Collection from your
mySite it has a separate Gallery.

Answer #2    Answered By: Anu K     Answered On: Nov 26

If you add  the web  part to the Web Application
(Server) gallery, then it will be available to the
PUBLIC mysite  gallery for everyone. However, it will
not be available to the private  mysite gallery, which
is what the OP wants.

The only way I know to add it to everyone's private
mysite gallery  is through stapling. This article
describes it.


Answer #3    Answered By: Josie Barron     Answered On: Nov 26

Seems to be my day to disagree with people. I just did a test and If
the webpart is added  to the server gallery  it is visible from both the
Public and Private mysite  for everyone. That's what I expected. Its
just a matter of using the menu to switch to editing the Private view of
the page  since the Shared View comes up by default. Each mySite only
has one gallery, there isn't a separate on for Public and Private, but
there is a different gallery for each mySite. You can either add  it to
all the galleries programmatically, to your own gallery using Site
Settings, or to the Server gallery.

BTW, when you are looking at someone's Public page you have no Edit
capability so you don't have access  to the webparts gallery when viewing
the Public view of someone's mysite. You only have access when you are
editing your own Public View.

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