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Site vs Doc Library - Best Practices

  Asked By: Chance    Date: Mar 07    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 2626

I am a newbie and must agree with many of the msgs posted which
state 'there is no good doc/book which gives CLEAR definitions of
these things with some practical real world examples...' This
message board is the best way to piece things together! I just read
through groups of message trying to learn....

Anyways....Need any thought on best practices for site vs doc lib....

Curr High Level design

Portal (Enterprise level)
Sites ( for now dept level)

Doc Lib or another site??

?? - can't seem to nail down best practices of pros/cons for having
sub-sites vs doc libs...... maybe there are none...

This is all very confusing as you can create a site for the purposes
of collab on a doc but we were thinking that the Site above would be
a departmental Site and that the doc libs under it would similar to
how they segment all of their docs folder wise on the LAN.

This could be really flawed way of thinking but I'm not sure the
pros/cons of having sub-sites and then doc libs under them etc.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Fabian Gross     Answered On: Mar 07

I hope this isn't a flawed way of thinking because I have the same exact thoughts. This is my biggest struggle I have with SPS 2003.
Please let me know if you figure out a plan. I would love to hear any ideas.

Answer #2    Answered By: Drew Armstrong     Answered On: Mar 07

That makes three. Just now getting my hands around the concepts after working with SPS 1.0

Answer #3    Answered By: Marshall Castro     Answered On: Mar 07

Can you explain a little more detail about areas and subareas. I've created a few of these but can't figure out how to add content to the areas. Do you recommend each area having it's own document library  or do they all share one? I'm still confused on areas and document libraries! I haven't had much luck with finding information out there on them with more detail.
Thanks for all the other information, that has helped clarify alot!

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