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Site variations: limited to publising sites?

  Asked By: Jordan    Date: Sep 01    Category: MOSS    Views: 2173

I have following requirements:

My SharePoint site collection must be multi-lingual (MOSS 2007 installation). So I thought: I fix this by using the site variations feature.

However, to enable this feature, I need to have a publishing site as top-level site. No problem for me. But apparantly, underneath a publishing site, only publishing subsites can be created. That is a problem for me. Because underneath my publishing top-level site I want to create a team site, a site base on one of the 40 fantastic templates and so on.

How can this be achieved?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Lynsey Carver     Answered On: Sep 01

The site  variation feature is used to publish content from a source variation to target variations. The target variations  don't have to be styled like the source variation, but the content types need to be the same, and they all need to be publishing sites. Variations are a publishing site capability.

If I understand your question correctly I'd answer it like this;

You definitely can't just create a top level publishing site with a series of non-publishing subsites and expect Site Variations to push content down to them.

You can create a publishing site and define variation labels, and the variation hierarchy. The publishing subsites that will be created for you will be able to have content published to them from your source variation. You'll also be free to create Team Template subsites etc within that hierarchy, BUT you won't be able to use Variations to publish content to those non-publishing subsites. There's no way around that.
You might be able to implement some custom development to grab content from your Target Variation and put it into your Team sites  etc. It would be tricky though, and I don't see how you could easily maintain any mapping between the Target Variation content, and where exactly it should go in your Team Sites.

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