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My Site Users can't upload documents

  Asked By: Leroy    Date: Apr 14    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 4757

I have two people so far who cannot upload documents into their My Site
Shared Documents. I had them delete their site and recreate it to make
sure it was 'Fresh'. They get a "Forbidden" message. I and many
others do not have this problem. Where can I look (logs?) to solve
this problem. The My Sites is a seperate web application that recently
went into production. We have students that will be hitting this soon
and I need to head off anything amis.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Elaine Mack     Answered On: Apr 14

OK, I know this is really obvious, but I find that sometimes the
obvious answer gets overlooked. So did you ask them what kinds of
documents they were uploading to be sure that they aren't uploading one
of the prohibited file types?

Answer #2    Answered By: Baiju Hoskeri     Answered On: Apr 14

They didn't actually get far enough to select any documents. As soon as they
selected the "Upload" à "Upload Document" task bar options they received the 403
"Forbidden" error.


In one case, the user created their My Site for the very first time and was not
able to upload  documents.

In the second case the user was able to upload word and xls documents  the day
before. Today I was training on his PC. I logged into the portal (SharePoint
2007) through his PC as myself. My "trainee" had other browser windows open in
his name. I navigated to the My Sites link and it brought up his My Site since
he was logged on his own PC, and the My Sites is a separate Web Application. We
tried to upload a document. This is when we received our first 403 "Forbidden"
error. I figured some weird credential passing was going on so I deleted his My
Site and had him create it again, after we closed all browser windows and he was
logged on as himself. We had the same document upload error. We also tried to
modify permissions on the library. We couldn't add a new user to the Shared
Document folder.


After lunch I had him try again. This time BOTH of them were able to upload
documents and edit permissions on their document libraries. No problems.

So now I'm scratching my head and wondering how to track down something like
this. I'm wondering if there are timer processes going on after a My Site is
created that in this case, somehow was slow to configure?

This behavior seems to be happening to "some" of our new users. After the
problem goes away it seems to be fine. We have thought to call Microsoft on
this but we don't have a truly repeatable situation we can show them.

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