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Site Templates: Is there a way to edit the .stp file (site template file)

  Asked By: Rachelle    Date: Sep 12    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 4129

If I save a site as a .stp then I can add it to the site collection gallery so I
can use it to create other sites based on this template, but when I did this
last time it created a run away mess with not having master page derive from the
default master in 12 hive it created a copy of the customized master page on
every site instead, since I have went back and reset all sites to now reflect
the one stored in the 12 hive using SPDesigner and ditched that template. Here
are my questions; if I save a site as a template (.stp) can I then edit this
using say visual studios or SPDesigner or some other editor and did the .stp
file I just spoke about create a new instance of a Default.Master that was
customized because it was saved from a site that had a customized Default.Master
or do all .stp files behave this way?



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