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My Site Questions

  Asked By: Joshua    Date: Jan 22    Category: MOSS    Views: 582

We are using MOSS 2007 with different type authentications (ADS/ADAM
FBA/SQL FBA) in different portal application successfully. On one of
the sie where we have implemented ADAM with FBA authention for user
wise mysite access. Once user visit to this url he will get a login
screen and by entering his credential he redirect to his my site.
Currently there are very limited 5-10 users, and we want to for
production/live with this functionality. Before going live I am
having some questions, which I am not able to resolve , they are

1. We are having different 12-15 departments and each department have
approx 7-8 users. I created user wise my site, but I noticed that
users are not able to share their "Document Library" with other
users, I tried various options but may be as I dont have much exp in
MOSS, am not able to resolve it.

2. Can I not create Department wise my site, and user directly
loggedd to their department my site, sorry If I am asking stupid

3. If we have a common document library for each department wise and
their users and on this document library I want to create an email
event which will fire whenever a document upload by department wise
site users.

4. Every Department wise my site having different logo, how can I do
this as in each department my site there are different user.

As we are expecting more users in future and because of licensing
issue and costing, we have adopted ADAM Authentication. Secondly as
we decided for my site, is this the right choice? or any expert
having any better idea. Let me clear again there should be no landing
page for all the user, there will only login page, and depending on
their login information they will be redirect to their mysite page.



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