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Site Definitions SPSMSITE and SPSPERS

  Asked By: Jonah    Date: Sep 15    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 3226

Can anyone tell me the difference between Site Definitions SPSMSITE and SPSPERS. What is SPSPERS used for.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Darrel Sexton     Answered On: Sep 15

Extraction of my Vertical Navigation webpart code:

case "SPSPERS":
iCategory = Category.SomeOneElsesSite;
case "MPS":
iCategory = Category.TeamSites;
case "SPS": case "SPSTOC":
iCategory = Category.Portal;
case "SPSMSITE":
iCategory = Category.MySubSites;
// same as SPSMSITE
if (sURL.ToUpper().EndsWith("/MYSITE/"))
iCategory = Category.MySite;

So to answer your question:
1. SPSMSITE are mySite subsites
2. SPSPERS are someone else's mySite + subsites

Answer #2    Answered By: Tory Sellers     Answered On: Sep 15

SPSMSITE is the ‘My Site’ Site Definition and contains the personal and public views.

SPSPERS is the ‘My Site’ Team Site.

Here is more of an explanation: blogs.msdn.com/.../23.aspx

Answer #3    Answered By: Agustin Miranda     Answered On: Sep 15

Yes I read your blog ( Heather ) and but still confused. Is there a 'My Site' for Team Site. I thought My Site is only in SPS not in WSS. Please clear my doubts.

Answer #4    Answered By: Arron Middleton     Answered On: Sep 15

No worries, it is a confusing topic.

As an extra tidbit, everything under the covers and at its core is a WSS site. This includes portal, My Sites, Team Sites and of course WSS sites. Another thing is that My Sites are also referred to as personal sites and any time you deal with Microsoft or an article by them, that is what they call it.

SPSPERS is there for My site  provisioning purposes only. If you look at the code in default.aspx in the site definition, you won’t see much – it is just a bunch of registry tags and a user control.

SPSMSITE has the meat and potatoes for My Sites. It contains the public view and private view ASPX files and has all the standard layout code much like any other site definition.

This method of using two separate site definitions  is so everyone can have their own individual My Site. Otherwise one My Site would be shared by all users.

And in case you didn’t know, if you want to update the public view for all users’ My Sites, you edit the Shared View of your My Site while logged in as an administrator. The changes you make will appear to all users, just like modifying the shared view of an area in a portal.

Answer #5    Answered By: Vance Hardin     Answered On: Sep 15

Thanks for the link aswell. Need to re-check my code
tomorrow. My webpart seem to work fine but need to
check it against info provided.

Answer #6    Answered By: Kareem Flynn     Answered On: Sep 15

To be clear, SPSPERS is the site  definition used to create one SPWeb
called MySite that contains the Private (default.aspx) and Public
(public.aspx) pages that you first see when you navigate to anyone's My
Site (including your own). See my post about how to modify these pages:

SPSMSITE is the site definition used to create a top-level SPWeb in a
separate Site Collection (SPSite) for each person in the managed path
called personal. This is where collaborative lists and documents are

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