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Site crash relating to Publishing

  Asked By: Dale    Date: Mar 09    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 3508

For some time, I´ve been struggling with a strange behaviour in Office SharePoint Server 2007, rendering my corporate intranet site completely useless. This is the scenario:

A medium farm with 2 WFE's, 1 index server and 2 SQL Servers.

A custom sitedefinition based on the publishing intranet site template and utilizing several site and web features, including masterpages, pagelayouts and content types. Creating a new sitecollection also deploys several subsites. All this works well, and we have actually accomplished a great deal of automation, in order to meet the customers needs.

After some time, were users have tested the environment, creating a small amount of content, ie. newsarticles, the portal suddenly degrades over a period of hours, until it no longer responds to any requests at all. The Central Administration and other sitecollections work fine though. The error in the ULS is rather strange and seemingly relates to the publishing pages, which have expired:

1) CMS Publishing 8vzf
Unexpected PortalSiteMapProvider was unable to fetch children for node at URL: /News, message: Thread was being aborted., stack trace: at System.Threading.Monitor.Enter(Object obj) at Microsoft.SharePoint.Publishing.Navigation.PortalWebSiteMapNode.PopulateNavigationChildren() at Microsoft.SharePoint.Publishing.Navigation.PortalSiteMapNode.GetNavigationChildren(NodeTypes includedTypes, NodeTypes includedHiddenTypes, OrderingMethod ordering, AutomaticSortingMethod method, Boolean ascending, Int32 lcid) at Microsoft.SharePoint.Publishing.Navigation.PortalSiteMapNode.GetNavigationChildren(NodeTypes includedHiddenTypes) at Microsoft.SharePoint.Publishing.Navigation.PortalSiteMapProvider.GetChildNodes(PortalSiteMapNode node, NodeTypes includedHiddenTypes)

2) Windows SharePoint Services General 8kh7 High
The File /News/Pages/Test.aspx cannot be added (...) draft

3) CMS Publishing 0 Unexpected
While initializing navigation, found Page placeholder but object was not found at: /NEWS/PAGES/TEST.ASPX.

This error message is shown repeatedly for each publishing page in the news sitecollection.

Trying to open the site, just results in a timeout and unexpected error.

This behaviour occurs both in our test environments (VPC and VMWare and in production (dedicated hardware).
One of my collegues experienced the same behaviour on a small farm, with practically no customization done. He had only 1 publishing page and managed to delete it from the /_layouts/sitemanager.aspx page. And, voila everything worked again. Evidently, this is not a solution for us, and what strikes me as odd, is that it apparently occurs after a while, and seemingly has nothing to do with customized pagelayouts, sitestructure or anything else.

Has anyone out there experienced the same strange behaviour?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Alice Chandler     Answered On: Mar 09

You will most likely experience again, I´m afraid.

Apparently there are some issues with the Navigation Nodes, where duplicates get generated, when publishing  pages expire.

After quite a long period of debugging at Microsoft Support, they came up with a hotfix.

I can see, that it references a KB article - kb932621

I would suggest that you confront MS with this, to see if the issue can be resolved.

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