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Site Collection Setup

  Asked By: Alexandria    Date: May 18    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 947

We have a SharePoint installation that has sharePoint sites for many
organizations. Meaning, each organization has their own site (I
assume each organization actually has their own site collection).
Each organization has there own requirements and team of developers.

Our central IT department has locked down the sharePoint server to
disallow any access to server files unlike traditional web
development where FTP access was allowed since each organization had
exclusive access to their own site.

Anyway my question is. Are site collections set up in a fashion that
each organization would have their own directory structure. Their
own 12 hive, Template, Layouts, Features, global folders and so
forth. Or are these folders shared accross all site collections. If
this is the case then I can see why IT is limited access. Even if I
had a virtual development environment any deployment of customized
files in those shared locations may be comprimized by each developer
from separate organizations.

Is there a better solution?

Do you have any suggestions? Should we have completly separate
servers? or do site collections work this way?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Chelsey Watts     Answered On: May 18

Yes, there is only one 12 hive directory  structure per server. But
that's not the reason that the IT department  won't give you FTP access.
It's because they can't. All the files  and directories that make up a
SharePoint are physically located in a SQL database. The files are only
available via HTTP, not FTP. The only software tool that can access  them
across the network is SharePoint Designer (it's like Front Page).

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