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Site Auditing Tools

  Asked By: Grace    Date: Nov 20    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 4963

Is anyone aware of, or has anyone used, a third-party product that will audit WSS sites to make sure that they adhere to company-established standards and guidelines?

In working with my client, we've established a set of standards that all sites must adhere to. Site administrators, prior to allowing them to become administrators, or to create sites, must undergo training that address not only the "How-Tos" of site administration, but covers all of the standards.

My client is now interested in performing periodic audits - either of randomly-selected sites or of all sites. While I think this is a good practice for the enforcement of standards, I can envision this being a very time consuming process. With the standards they've established, my guess is that it will take 5 minutes to audit a single site manually. Add this up for the 30 sites they already have, and any ones that will be created in the future, and we're talking about a lot of time spent just on auditing.

I'm envisioning a tool that will do the following:

- Reference an XML file or a SharePoint list, containing the various things that will be checked in the audit process

- Recursively drill into each sub-site of a top-level site

- Check each site for the items identified in the XML file or WSS list

- Display a list of the sites, along with a passing or failing indicator

- For failing sites, display a list of reasons for failure

I’d like to start with a third-party tool, if there is one available. If not, I think I could write it fairly easily with the object library. I just want to avoid re-inventing the wheel if possible.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Peter Peterson     Answered On: Nov 20

I haven't seen such a tool  but it would be sort of cool. One thought is to do
it all in XML, Get the site  template crack it open and then process  the CAML.

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