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single workspace hosted in multiple servers

  Asked By: Geena    Date: Dec 27    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1475

one of our client has two sites geographically separated, and has asked for
the following configuration:
each site should have a server running Sharepoint (in site1 server1 and in
site2 server2) but the workspace should be the same, i.e.
http://server1/myworkspace and http://server2/myworkspace should contain
both the same documents. In this configuration users in each site connect to
the sharepoint server from the intranet and every change in documents stored
in server1 should apply to documents stored in server2 and viceversa. Is
that possible? if not how can I reach the goal of having users in each site,
connect locally to the sharepoint server but able of reading and modifing
documents stored in the server in the other site?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Dhanraj Saxsena     Answered On: Dec 27

There is no way to have a live update happening between servers. The
custom code would be interesting to say the least. What happens if
someone in location 1 makes a change  to doc1 and someone from location
is making changes to doc1 location 2? Who wins? Or will there be code to
deal with the merge?

The only thing that is close to this is that you create a readonly
version from location1 and set it up in location 2. You can backup
server1 and restore it as a readonly on another server  in another
location. This still requires that if a user wants to edit a document,
they must connect  to the server that has the editable copy.

I am interested in why the client  does not have 2 servers  located in 2
locations, each indexing the other as a content source. This way a
search on one server will show docs matching on the second server.

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