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simple solution

  Asked By: Johnna    Date: Nov 27    Category: Sharepoint 2010    Views: 975

We are at the beginning stages of SharePoint development at our company.
We are trying to setup classes that will allow our most advanced
developer to share his knowledge with the rest of the development staff.
One of the suggestions I made was to have them learn about creating
SharePoint solution files.

Does anyone have a simple suggestion as to a simple solution that can be
used in an example for the development of a simple SharePoint solution?



3 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Maira Downs     Answered On: Nov 27

What sorts of business problems has your developer already solved at your
company? It might be best to take one of those -- or a subset if the entire
task is too complex -- since it will have the most meaning for your dev

Answer #2    Answered By: Felecia Goff     Answered On: Nov 27

One example I did to show the power of SharePoint development in our shop was to
rebuild an application, which took about 8 months with 4 of the .NET developers
on our team, in under 4 hours by myself. It was impressive. Not all applications
fit so well into SharePoint, but this was a simple infrastructure change notice
application with some twisty workflow logic. Try that!

Answer #3    Answered By: Arianna Reilly     Answered On: Nov 27

Your developers will first have to be convinced SharePoint development is still
professional development. Knee-jerk reaction for devs is that it is a
playground for users, not a development platform, and are embarrassed to use it
at first.

Then, they will need to be convinced this is not a dead-end, and that SP
development is a good thing to get into, career-wise. Nobody wants to work with
technologies that aren't cutting edge or "cool" or where they would be made
obsolete... convince them it is here to stay.

Next, they will have to learn to *use* SharePoint. Anything they can do on
their own in the web UI, they will be able to enhance (most likely) in code.
Learn SP Designer, because it is a valuable tool for developers and power-users

Then brush up on base skillset (HTML, CSS, XSLT, jQuery, .NET, WF, etc).

Finally, learn the various ways to get something done (workflow, forms, web
parts, pages, modules, features, events, OOTB web parts, etc). Learn Sandboxed
development. Learn about modules and features and packages.

Don't discount the value of consultants and training. If you have a budget for
it, it is worth getting some outside consulting to get you going, or some formal
training to help make sense of the brave new world of SharePoint development.

As for examples, there is no single sample that covers everything. There are
many, many different ways to extend SharePoint. As Mr. Brunone suggested, it is
better to find sample problems to solve, preferably in context of your business,
and see what kinds of solutions they come up with.

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