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Showing Reporting Services reports in Sharepoint

  Asked By: Ramsey    Date: Aug 08    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1820

Looking for the best way to integrate SSRS in sharepoint in a seamless manor. The reporting services web part works however to make it more seamless I'm looking for the ability to remove the top reporting bar (the one with print, export, find etc.) on it and just show the report as if it is truely a part of the page. I could do this be writing my pages in ASP but my Sharepoint admins really want us to stay in web parts and avoid custom pages. Anyone have any other thougts or advice? I thought about writing individual web pages per report in VS 2008 and then pointing the page viewer web part at them but that's not a very good design. A web part that uses the SSRS web service might work if one exists.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Adya Khavatekar     Answered On: Aug 08

My suggestion: Create your own webpart and use report  viewer control to call your report.

It is very true that there is no option to config something like 'show tool bar  = false' in report viewer webpart but asp.net did. There is a option in reportviewer control in asp.net.
Even I try to use sharepoint  designer to open the page  which include the reporting  viewer, the intellisense did not show  anything relate to toolbar.

Page viewer is wise choice.

But if I were you, I would stick with the bar and treat it as a limitation...

But if you insist to do this, i think just create a simple webpart by visual studio which has the reportviewer control and set the 'ShowToolBar = false', point the report. I think it should work.

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