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Should I use Lists in this instance?

  Asked By: Rishi    Date: Feb 07    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 865

I am building a site that uses Real Estate properties as the main data. Each property has around 40 attributes (name, price, image, address, floorplan map etc). My question is, should I create a custom List to store this data (with custom content types where appropriate)?

I will then have a summary page which lists all of the properties, but only certain details (such as the image and the location). The link will then go to another page with the full details.

Am I taking the correct approach for this?

This is a WCM Sharepoint site, and in the past (using MCMS), I would create a posting for each page and use a channel rending script for the summary page etc....



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Answer #1    Answered By: Amrita Durgude     Answered On: Feb 07

The main  benefit I see from you using the Pages library is so that if a user clicks on a detail button in your summary  CQWP, it would take them to an actual web page  with all the information related to that property. If you don't use a Publishing Page as the parent content  type, it just means users will get taken to the particular list  item display page, which isn't typically done in a public site. (I'm not sure if your site  is public or not.) If users aren't clicking on any links to view more details  related to the property  then you are right, it's okay to put the info in a list.

In regards to your specific question, content owners can still edit a Page in the "list" format rather than the "Page Layout" format. If a user navigates to the Pages library and clicks "edit" from the context menu, they can edit the fields in that particular page the same way they would edit any other list item.

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