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In sharepoint,Mail is coming Created by ????? after approving and Assigned To Owners

  Asked By: Cool    Date: Mar 29    Category: MOSS    Views: 1768

Dear Friends

Pls check this as soon as possible, and read complete mail if anyone knows solution pls send mail to gopikishan.may9@gmail.com

For the Approver workflow in designer im giving these condetions:

Conditions: If Assigned To (To be filled by NBCC Team only) is empty
and Status equals Not Started

Actions: send mail to approver

After approved and Assigned to Some other guys and requestor should get mail i.e. its approved and assigned to owner ( pls read total mail to understand actual requirement)


If Assigned To is not empty
and status equals Approved


Copy item in New Engagement Requests to In Progress Engagements
then Set Variable:ID Inprogress to Inprogress Engagements:ID
then Set Variable:NEW Engg Req Created by to NewEngagementRequest:CreatedBy
then Email Variable:New Eng Req Created by
then Delete item in New Engagement Requests

In this task 3 terms we have,

Requestor—Will initiate the request and send to Approver
Approver—Will Approves that request and Assigned To Owners ( Other Persons )
Owners—Owners Will do the actual work that Requestor requested for

These steps involved in this Customer Connect SharePoint site:

1.Requestor send a New Engagement Request by submitting New Engagement Request form ( after submitting that List item, it will stores by default in the list i.e. New Engagement Requests ), later mail will goes to Requestor i.e. ”Your New Request” is submitted and Approver also will get a mail i.e. “New Request is submitted by …user”

2.And Approver will approve that request and Assigned To other person (Owners)

3.Then that List Item it should be copied from “New Engagement Requests” to “In Progress Engagements” list

4.Then sending a mail to whom it is Assigned to (Owners)

In this step one mail is going properly to Owners with all the correct information and one extra bogus mail is going with ‘?????’ symbols.—This is the issue

5.And Remove that particular list item from “New Engagement Request” list

6.Sending a mail to Requestor if Rejected.

Thanks& Regards,
Gopi Kishan

From: SharePoint Service Account
Sent: Tuesday, March 29, 2011 1:29 PM
Subject: A new Customer engagement request is submitted

Hi NBCC Team,

A new Customer Engagement request has been submitted by ????? .

Inorder to review and assign this request please click this link.


NBCC Alerts Engine



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