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Sharepoint vs share drive

  Asked By: Katie    Date: Sep 19    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 19762

I am doing some investigation on sharepoint. My team has been using
the shared drive to share files among group members for a long time.
Currently, we are trying to move our files from the shared drive to
sharepoint. My question is " what is the major advantage of sharepoint
over shared drive?"



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Answer #1    Answered By: Karla Morrison     Answered On: Sep 19

The single best feature of SharePoint. It is hard to pick the
best. But from your question, you seem to be most interested in what
SharePoint can do for you in terms of documents. With your specific
interest, I would have to say the version control capabilities. How
many times have you personally lost a document, or had a file become
corrupt? If it is a file you update often, the chances will of
course increase. With your version control turned on, if these your
file goes bad, you only loose your most recent work. Loosing a day
of work is much easier to swallow than losing a document altogether.

Moving away from the documents themselves, you need to consider what
can you do with a list. In shared  drives, you don't get list
functionality-- you have to use Excel or something of the sort, and
again, you don't have version controls.

I worked on a government contract where we used SharePoint as the
single location for tracking Risks, Issues, Configuration Management,
Executive Action Items, Status of Security Clearances for project
staff and Overall Project Status – all done through custom lists. I
am now in an environment where the Office of Business Development
tracks which contracts they will chase and determines through
calculated fields how much going after a contract will cost them
versus how much they can earn from winning that contract in addition
to the items above. (This does not even touch the contact list and
event features that are standard.)

Finally, I have also used SharePoint as a primary communication
center. We had over 20 companies working on the same government
contract. Since there was not a common email system, a full
communication system was needed. All employees we required to log
into SharePoint navigate to their project time  card (stored on
Project Server 2003). So, this requirement made it very easy to
communicate current events to all 1800+ people on the contract by
using the Announcements webpart on the homepage.

I think we all could go on for days about how we use SharePoint and
what we have accomplished with it. But I hope this information helps
you in your research.

Answer #2    Answered By: Patricia Richardson     Answered On: Sep 19

To add on to Wendy’s list, you can also utilize document workspaces. The purpose of a doc workspace is to provide an online location for collaboration on a singular document. So multiple team  members can contribute, make edits, have a task list, and ultimately publish it back up to the main site.

Answer #3    Answered By: Alexandra Patterson     Answered On: Sep 19

Site and List Definitions are my pick, followed closely by the rich
Object Model, custom Web Parts, and the CEWP.

I know that doesn't answer the guys question  but they are still my

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