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Sharepoint vs Clarity PPM

  Asked By: Bobbi    Date: Nov 12    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 2031

I am engaged in a project where the client wants to use Sharepoint due to its 'superior collaboration features'. The client currently has CA Clarity Program & Portfolio Management (PPM) and intends to replace the clarity PPM eventually with a Sharepoint solution.

1. Can someone please give an example of collaboration features in Sharepoint that are unique and provides a good example of sharepoint capabilities.
2. Is there any comparison document available that will show how sharepoint is superior to Clarity PPM ?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Divakar Naik     Answered On: Nov 12

You're talking about MS Project Server 2007 and Portfolio Manager correct? Don't think of that as sharepoint  but an application that lives within SharePoint.

I've rolled out and implemented 3 very large 15ish server farms for up to 180k user with P12 and PM12. I have also worked with CA for over 2 years now... I do NOT like it, not just because I'm a SharePoint guy but CA just breaks all the time.

The issue you'll run into I'm seeing more and more is the clients MS Enterprise Agreement (EA) might include P12 and PM12 at very discounted rate however remember PM's will need MSP Pro 2007 on the desktop.

I personally feel the development options in P12 (using the PSI/API) blow CA out of the water. I can also tell you P12 has issues, several that are "known" but there are workarounds and an order to do everything... The issues I see with clients is they just run install it and break it... And again it's not SharePoint it just sits on it so they think they know it all and then comes the clean up fun.

You can roll P12 out in these 2 flavors...

1. P12 with SharePoint Standard or Enterprise client  access licenses (you gain features)
2. P12 with WSS 3.0 (how it comes out of the box) (less features)

Here is a comparison  but Bing or G**lge it and look at what people say

FYI... What ever you end up doing... PLAN PLAN PLAN and don't let an client go rouge... P2010 is going to be a HUGE jump from P12, I've been in that testing program  for several months... Very cool things to come.

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