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Sharepoint Version 3 desired Features

  Asked By: Vernon    Date: Sep 29    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 13252

What would you like to see included/updated/enhanced/modified in Version 3 of SharePoint?



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Answer #1    Answered By: James Miller     Answered On: Sep 29

Here is my wish list:

Approval routing: version  1 had a better and controlled approval routing process than that in version 2 – bring back the version 1 feature.
Customizing the default web parts – the internal of the webpart cannot be modified using Frontpage.
Extending web parts using a wrapper class. (not possible at present as these classes are sealed)
Design time support for web part developers – for e.g. should be able to add a new button to the toolbar in the allitems.aspx and provide it with functionality from Visual studio instead of modifying onet.xml/schema.xml or writing new javascript functions

Answer #2    Answered By: Collin Griffith     Answered On: Sep 29

My suggested V3 improvements!

1) ability to author in non-isolated mode! ie: no dependancy on going to the default layouts folder! it should be as easy to author in VS.NEt2004 as it is in FP2K3!

2) workflow!!!!! ability to event off of more than just a document library!

3) more 'out of the box' web parts with linkages to other MS products such as Exchange etc

4) make 'MySites' part of WSS and not SPS!

5) integratated Blog Hosting support ie: anything in WSS should be exportable as RSS and/or ATOM

6) ability to invoke reporting on log files 'on demand'
6b) richer log file analysis

7) specify what the vroot limit is! is it 10 is it 20 is it 100 ?

8) when you come to market come to market with BOOKs! Not the 4-6 month lag that we see with version  2.0! ie: line up the publishers and the ResKits!!!!

Answer #3    Answered By: Scott Nelson     Answered On: Sep 29

Here are my thoughts after using Sharepoint for 10 months.

Area template, provide an easier way to create/manage template (i.e. with Frontpage or graphically)

List Template, allow to make template available site wide, as opposed to the collection like it is now

Datasheet library and multiple file upload should not be dependant on Microsoft Office 2003 but available as a plug in

Provide the ability to move content included in Topics, for instance, move a list or document library from one topic to an other one, without the need of writing custom code

Ability to move a list/doc lib from a site to a topic

2-way integration with AD, it is great that we can import profile but it will be better if the change made in the profile in SPS will update AD

Listing: deleting a document MUST delete all associated listing

When a user has contributor right in a area, he/she should be able to manage listing. Currently only users with “Manage Area” can add/delete listing

Ability to apply a template to an existing area that will modify the area web page.

Ability to create list template that will override existing lists. Like “Document Profiles” in Sharepoint 2001

Ability to send link from the portal by email

Enhanced Search capability and ability to EASILY customize the search and search result page (for instance to see the columns in the search result)

Listing, provide an easy way to review where a document has been listed and to edit listing, as opposed to today solution where each listing are managed individually

Security: ability to change security on area content, i.e. ability to change security on a list or doc lib

Ability to have multiple site directories with different ways to provision sites based on user choice

Ability to edit Standard site template graphically

Ability to upload a Site template for the main Site Collection without the need of messing up with XML configuration files

List View: Ability to sort/group on calculated/system field

Images link, provide an ability to browse and pick images without having to type a URL

Doc Lib, Editing a document should force a check out. Or at least, user should not be able to save unless document is checked out

Frontpage customization, extend the customization to other page, like upload.aspx,

Ability to restrict security on views

Doc lib, ability to restrict content on files/folder (like it was possible in Sharepoint 2001)

Make links, toolbar, menus sensitive to security. I.E. all users I talked hate the fact that they click on something they are not allowed to see.

Lookup field, allow to lookup accros a site and site collection. Currently lookup are restricted to the same site, which limits the usage

Answer #4    Answered By: Jonathan Thompson     Answered On: Sep 29

1. Replication
Ability to replicate an entire portal between one site and an other. Ability to replicate a WSS site collection between one site and many site (Hub and spoke).

2. Events on all list types
This is an important feature. The following events should be exposed. OnSaveItem (When an item is saved). OnDeleteItem (When a item is deleted).

3. Integration with Yukon
This is a vast subject. I will say at a minimum make sure that Sharepoint 2003 is compatible with Yukon (Service Pack)

4. Workflow
At a minimum offers the functionality that Sharepoint 2001 had. Routing with many recipient including serial or parallel on document library and lists.

5. CMS integration

6. File-level security
The ability to restrict access to a file and or folder in a document library. As well as restrict access to item in a list based on role (site group).

File level security so that you can set permissions for individual documents and folders in libraries. This is important for document management for operational documents where documents in a library may require quite different permissions from each other. For example, in Human Resources you might allow the HR team, the person's manager and the individual to have access to documents about an individual. But they should not necessarily be able to see the documents for anyone else. It is not practical to have an HR library for every person in the organisation. For a project site it is much less of a problem to assign permissions at a library level because there would only be a few combinations of permissions required.

7. Single sign on

8. Object model changes

9. Web Part capabilities
It would be good to be able to set the width of a web part as a percentage rather than in fixed units. If different users have different screen resolutions, what suits one does not necessarily suit another. Visual editor for web parts like a User Control. Although from what I read ASP.NET will have this functionality built-in so I will assume Sharepoint V3 will leverage ASP.NET

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