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Sharepoint v3 - Document list: Error opening file

  Asked By: Eligio    Date: Jul 12    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 2133


This is my first post here, so thanks in advance for your help.

I am dealing with a problem for some days and I cannot solve it. Maybe someone can help me ;-)

First, I have Windows 2003 SBS and I have a site called "MYSITE" and a document list on it "DOCLIST". This list is used to store PDF files.

I have an application that works with the files on this list by accessing: "\\SERVER\MYSITE\DOCLIST". This has been working for some months.

By now, I'm getting an error (I try to translate it from my language to English, so maybe those aren't the exact words). When I try to copy a file in this "folder" (webdav? webfolder?) and paste it to my local hard disk, I get the error: "Error copying file or folder: Cannot copy file xxxxxx: there is not enough disk space. Delete one or more files to increase free space and try again".

Of course I have enough free space on the disk. Anyway, I have executed cleanup utility, to delete temporary files, etc. But the error continues.

Trying to get more clues to solve it, I have checked a strange behavior. If I brose to http://MYSITE/DOCLIST and click on any PDF of the list, I *CAN* open it. And also, I *CAN* copy it to my local hard disk. But, if I change the "Default View" to "Explorer View", I *CANNOT* open the document!!

I have tried to clean %TEMP%, reboot IIS, reboot webdav (net stop mrxdav + net start weblicent), reboot the server...

Any idea? Although not getting the exact cause, any answer may help me.

Thanks in advance!



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Eligio Morgado     Answered On: Jul 12

I reply myself.

Finally the answer was: quota on the hard drive. I solved it by increasing quota space.

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