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Sharepoint upgrade confusion

  Asked By: Arnold    Date: Nov 08    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 649

I'm upgrading to sharepoint portal server 2003, from 2001. I have
run the upgarde, installed BCDL (backwards compatible document
library) components and imported from 2001. I ran spout against the
2003 http://server/portalname/documents but it failed unless i broke
it down into smaller pieces (spout a lower folder in the hierarchy

Luckily i was running it against a test server, so i managed to
spout from the old 2001 portals, this works all in one go without
being broken down into smaller chunks. So i have my categories, and
in fact i can see my documents in the BCDL. No documents in the sql
server database, as would be expected. Then i run spout, and the
documents appear in the sql server library. But if i update a
document via the portal, it is the BCDL document that gets updated.
Again, i kind of understand why. So i was going to uninstall the
BCDL components, but what i desperately need an answer to, is....

Will uninstalling the BCDL, (which i believe removes the document
library too?) remove visibility of the documents from the portal?
How do i get the sql server versions of the documents visible in the
portal, and will these sql server documents still be associated with
the categories/ topics i imported from 2001?

Any ideas welcome. has anyone done this? (gone from 2001 to BCDL
2003 then moved from the bcdl to sql server?)



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