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Sharepoint and SMTP

  Asked By: Meera    Date: Nov 27    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 990

I need to have e-mail sent to approvers whenever a document is waiting for
approval. The problem is that there is no exchange 2000 server in the domain
and only the internet provider mail server is available. Is it possible to
specify the name of the ISP mail server in the SMTP box, in the Sharepoint
Portal server administration console? If so, is there anything to configure
other than the mail server name, given that I'm behind an ISA server?
By the way, I tried to install Doc-Status web part (from sharepoint Resource
Kit) that should display documents awaiting user's approval, but with no use
'cause the script to run, before importing the web part in the workspace,
ends up without creating the two folders CheckedOutBy and CurrentApprovers,
under http://servername/workspacename/system. I ran the script directly from
CD. Need I to copy the script in a directory of the server and then run it
from that location?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Brandyn Slater     Answered On: Nov 27

As long as your smtp  server will allow relaying or SMTP submissions
from your server, then yes, you should be able to send mail. Sharepoint
in no way requires or works better with exchange  in this aspect.

You should be able to just put in the smtp server's name and it'll send
it on.

Answer #2    Answered By: Hubert Pollard     Answered On: Nov 27

Don't forget you could simply add the IIS SMTPSVC and use that for outbound
mail. Remember that if the mail is leaving the system/network without proper
RDNS lookups and MX records the mail actually getting there is low.

Answer #3    Answered By: Gladys Trevino     Answered On: Nov 27

what should I configure to accomplish this task? Need I to configure a smart
host? if so how?
Here is what I did:
in sharepoint  administrative console I set ,as SMTP server, the name of
server hosting sharepoint, then in the properties of IIS Default SMTP
Virtual Server (on the SPS server) I've specified ,as smart host, the name
of my internet service provider SMTP and on SPS server I've enabled the
Firewall Client (our domain is behind an ISA Server). In the TPC/IP
properties of the SPS server I've put as DNS server the IP address of the
ISA server, but still I'm not able to receive emails.
What is wrong?

Answer #4    Answered By: Jignesh Pitale     Answered On: Nov 27

Your trying to relay through I think. Do you have a mail server on site
that you can control the relay properties? I would bypass the local SMTP
in IIS and go right to the ISP as long as you are allowed to relay.
Verify that you can connect to the smtp  via telnet port 25. Here is a

Telnet mailserver 25
Mail from: user@...
Rcpt to: user@...
This is a test



That should walk you through a relay test manually. The rcpt to: and
mail from: determine relay capabilities. I don't know ESMTP offhand to
verify login credentials, but I don't see those in the smtp options

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