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Sharepoint search - question regarding multiple front end servers

  Asked By: Felicia    Date: Jul 10    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 2005

We have a medium size server farm with 2 front end servers, an index
server, and a SQL cluster. When I built the thing, I allowed the
portal to use the name of the first host header as the name of the
portal (this is a default so new admins beware) http://sharepoint.
As a result, the name of my portal is actually the name of my first
virtual server. I extended the second virtual server on the second
FE server http://sharepoint2 and this worked fine. I defined an
alternate URL and thus users can access the site by another URL. The
trouble came when we realized that SPS search and index (not WSS
search) is doing everything on the first front end server -
So the question is- what can I do about this? For example, if I want
to let all the mysites and portal content be indexed on the first FE
server, and the top level and subsites on the second, how do I
configure the content sources and indexes?

This dilemma of course raised even more questions- Can I change the
default URL of my portal if I have dns entries and IIS host headers
set up without blowing up my whole portal? My guess is no, I will
have to do a restore and create it at a new url (Ick, sigh....)
And.... If one does create a portal with a url entered in the host
headers of both FE virutal servers- say
http://sharepoint.mydomain.net, will the search and index balance
between both front end servers, or will it really just run on one of



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