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How Long Is A SharePoint Project?

  Asked By: Raven    Date: May 11    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1900

We had a phone call at Officetalk <http://www.office-talk.com/> this
week that caused a lot of debate. The caller simply asked "How long does
a SharePoint Project take for 250 users?". Based on my own experience
SharePoint Projects can vary considerably and in fact we have recently
completed a project in just ten days, but have another project that has
already exceeded six months and is still not ready to Go Live. Of
course, a SharePoint Project is never complete as it keeps growing and
changing, but for this article I will take the Project Length as the
number of days, weeks or months (hopefully not years) from the date of
first Project Meeting until the 'Go Live' date.
So here are what I think are the stages you need to include in your
SharePoint Project;
1. Sponsor - Find a top level Management Sponsor for the Project
ideally a Director. (1 week)
2. Project Team - Put together a Project Team. (2 weeks)
3. Resources - Find all available SharePoint resources. Officetalk
Project Checklist
<officetalk.faceinteractive.net/index.php?id=66> is an ideal
start. Also UK SharePoint User Group <http://suguk.org/> . (1 week)
4. Information - What have you got already? This should include
list of all documents and systems that are currently used. (3 weeks)
5. New Requirements - What extra information would you like in
SharePoint that you don't already have. How about an IT Helpdesk System?
(1 week)
6. Get Consultant - SharePoint Consultants
<officetalk.faceinteractive.net/index.php?id=12> should know all
about SharePoint and the best add-ons for you. They'll help you avoid
some costly pitfalls. They know them because they have usually suffered
them before. I am told Officetalk are pretty good. (1 week)
7. Scope - Agree the final Scope of the project of phase of the
Project. Make it clear what is and more importantly isn't part of the
Scope. (1 week)
8. Design - With the help of your SharePoint Consultant create the
basic Site structure and sites. (2 weeks)
9. Input - Now fill it with your documents and any other
information you want adding. Linking to Active Directory can also have
great benefit. (3 weeks)
10. Pilot - A Pilot Group
<www.youtube.com/watch is the
best way to start the roll-out because you will find teething problems.
Choose a department who will be big users of the system. Maybe HR or IT.
(3 weeks)
11. Pilot Review - Allow at least two weeks to review comments from
the Pilot Group and make appropriate changes. (2 weeks)
12. End User Training
<officetalk.faceinteractive.net/index.php?id=31> - Even if it is
only one hour all End Users should receive some kind of training in the
basics. This also helps you sell the system to them. (1 week)
13. Roll-out - Now we ready to go. (1 week)
14. Support - Support especially important after the first month of
Roll-Out (4 weeks)
So there we have it SPRINGS DIPPERS.
If you add up the weeks in brackets you will see that it comes to 26
weeks which is six months. This is purely an estimate and project length
really depends on the workload of the Project Team as well as the amount
of data involved.

To read more about this and other SharePoint issues read my SharePoint
blog at http://aboutsharepoint.com



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Answer #1    Answered By: Gopal Jamakhandi     Answered On: May 11

Looks great.. But like you said it depends on the intimate details. I just did a
project for 150 people by myself and did it in 7 weeks. There was only
installation, configuration plus customization of the site and Extranet
site. Two server farm with App server and WFE server. There are lots of pitfalls
and one that I use now is actually doing an assessment of an existing
environment before starting any work due to pitfalls I have run into where the
system is configured by someone who didnt do the right thing. This is good
information you have given but Microsoft has project  plans available online for
SharePoint with lots of other documentation you can make your own.

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