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SharePoint Portal Server vs FrontPage 2002 Server Extension

  Asked By: Roman    Date: Nov 25    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 15019

I'm having a hell of a time installing SharePoint Portal Server (SPS)
while maintaining support for FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions (FPSE)
on the same machine.

I know SPS does not like FPSE but I believe, perhaps mistakenly, that it
is possible to use virtual servers to resolve this conflict.

I need to maintain the ability to develop ASP and ASP.NET applications on
the same machine that I must use to install and learn SPS. I'm using
FrontPage 2003 and Visual Studio.NET 2003 as my IDE applications.

\\metro3 is the Default Web Site (All Assigned Port: 80) where I believe
I am required to install SPS.

\\dev is a virtual server created using host headers and the hosts file
also using (All Assigned Port: 80) where I hope to use FrontPage
and VS.NET to develop ASP.NET and Classic ASP applications.

I need to be able to use \\dev to create and use WSS enabling me to
use that virtual server to simulate a user's experience to create
sites and so on.

SPS and FPSE installation order and procedures would be helpful to
discuss as what I have been trying is simply not working out for me.

Thanks for any insight you may offer...



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Answer #1    Answered By: Kory Brock     Answered On: Nov 25

I ran into trouble trying to install Windows Sharepoint Services (WSS) when front page was enabled on the default web site. Even when I supposedly disabled Frontpage on the default web site, WSS would not install. I got around the problem by first moving the default web site to another port (say 8888). Then I’d create a new web site at port 80 and then install WSS. It installs fine. After that, you can create web sites at will and they can have either Frontpage Server Extensions or Sharepoint Extensions but NOT BOTH.