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Sharepoint Portal Server 2003 vs WSE(Workplace Services Express)

  Asked By: Bhavika    Date: Jan 25    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1794

Recently I had a chance to attend a IBM WSE (Workplace Services Express)
workshop. IBM's WSE is a scaled down version of Websphere, competing with
Sharepoint Portal Server 2003.

My initial reaction to WSE was that it is a complete rip off (copy) of
Sharepoint User Interface Wise. Websphere is pretty difficult to
administrate + UI was very difficult hence they came up with WSE.

Main points that they emphasized on were:

1. WSE works on various platforms. Linux, Windows 2000 server, Windows
2003 server, IBM etc.
2. Integration with different backends like db2, cloudscape, oracle,
sql server 2000
3. Built in viewers for different documents..like PDF,word,excel,visio
4. Integration with office 2000,xp,2003 etc

The last 2 point were the most imp. As they had this slogan "IBM works
better then Microsoft then Microsoft does with itself" :-)

Can any1 tell me if are there any free or built in viewers (Read Only) for
different documents (client doesn't need to have the program installed on
his machine).. And y on earth Sharepoint does not integrate with office
2000, xp .. I believe its not a technical issue.rather a policy to promote
office 2003..



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