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SharePoint Portal - Moving off of the Network Shares

  Asked By: Grace    Date: Mar 22    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1398

I am the Sharepoint administrator of a company with about 800 computer
users. In August of 2006, we moved our intranet from the WSS to SPS
(2003). Since the inception of the Portal, we have gotten Sharepoint
servers for almost all of our locations. Each location will eventually
have their own server or server farm and information that needs to be
shared between locations will be replicated using a third party add-on.

Going forward, we are planning on moving shared network content onto
these Sharepoint servers. The users will primarily be responsible for
their content. This is a huge change for them, since the IT admins had
always been responsible for security for their content.

We have two questions for other companies that currently do this:
First, how did you change user mentality from resistance to acceptance?
(Please note that I have done extensive training with all users since
we have adopted Sharepoint.) Secondly, how is security typically
handled within your organization? Our official IT policy has been that
a user is never added to a folder on the network shares. A group is
created in AD and the user is added to that group, so that when the
user leaves the company, removing their accounts cleans them from all
the groups as well. In Sharepoint, it is so easy for a user to add
someone to a site, that I think it will eventually be difficult to keep
our security under control. (For instance, I doubt if Joe Smith who
administers 17 sites for Sharepoint will remember to remove John Doe
from his sites when he quits.)

I know we are not the only ones who have asked these questions, but it
is hard to get these types of answers from a book. This type of stuff
only comes from real world experience.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Michelle White     Answered On: Mar 22

First, you are absolutely correct in not adding individual users to sites.
Of course, there is always the owner of the sites, so that will be an issue
but overall, your existing policy of using AD groups will save you many
headaches in the future (we learned it the hard way with 20k + users). If
employee turnover is an issue, you may want to make a practice of changing
ownership of any sites they are owners of in the last week of employment, as
doing this once their AD account is inactive is more cumbersome.

Changing user mentaility .... hmm, let everyone know when you figure that
one out ;-) I'll just pass on what I have found with almost all my clients;
give an individual adequate training (which it sounds like you are acutely
aware of) and then transfer ownership of the content to them. Once they
have ownership and responsibility for their own site, content, etc ... they
will accept their role.

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