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Sharepoint Portal and GreatPlains BuisnessPortal - Recommended

  Asked By: Grace    Date: Sep 13    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 729

Can someone point me to some documentation on how to install
Sharepoint Portal (2003) and (Great Plains) BusinessPortal 3.0 on
the same box?

We had BusinessPortal added to our configuration by some
consultants. But we have run into the problem where only one will
work correctly at a time.
It all stems back to these two lines in the web.config file:

<remove name="EnterpriseInitializationModule"></remove>
<remove name="BPAdminRedirectModule">

Keeping them there makes BusinessPortal Work - but Sharepoint search
gather stops working and various other features stop like 'Submit to
Portal' and Content Editor WP.

Removing them will not allow items to be released by the other users
BusinessPortal (I need to check on exact errors).

I provide more details on how it's configured, if someone thinks it
would help.



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