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SharePoint Portal Farms, SANs and site redundancy

  Asked By: Felicia    Date: Oct 27    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 9211

Ok, this may be a bit out of the remit of this group as it is not
purely SharePoint specific, but here goes.

We have a server farm (2xweb load balanced, 2x DB failover and 1
index/job server) which is also split across 2 sites (across a city,
connected by our own v.Fast dedicated line). The Databases disks
are also on a site redundant SAN. This means if any site suffers
catastrophic loss business can continue unimpeded. ie site 1 blows
up and site 2 takes over all services (apart from indexing and job
server, we decided if it happens we just rebuild a box) and vice

Sounds great?

Anyway, it suddenly came to me the other day what if our dedicated
link is severed. Site 1 thinks site 2 has blown up, so takes over
all services and all staff on site 1 continue to work obliviously.
Site 2 thinks site 1 has blown up, runs all services and staff on
site 2 continue to work obliviously.

When link is restored, the SAN goes "which is the most up to date
file" and promptly overwrites the entire database with the most up
to date one, thus killing all work of one of the sites.

Does anyone know of a way around this? I know it sounds unlikely,
but our dedicated line has been excavated before by some contractor
looking very sheepish, but this was before our SharePoint days.



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