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Sharepoint / MOSS 2k7 as an enterprise portal and LOB applicaiton

  Asked By: Roxanne    Date: Dec 07    Category: MOSS    Views: 1453

company wants to deploy sharepoint 07/moss and build core Line of Buseiness apps
within it, but i am concerned that using the rapid dev process of building lists
and relations betwen them as our core database is not such a good thing. any
other apps will have to go through the sharepoint api and we will never have a
clean data model. i am thinking about using sharepoint/bdc to access a clean
normallized db model, instead of storing the core data of the entire company in
sharepiont lists (non normalized db format). has anyone dealt with this before?
i am concernd that we will end up building all other custom apps around the
sharepoint db model, instead of creating clean db models, and then just using
web parts, and or the dbc to access the real data models/data.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Lee Black     Answered On: Dec 07

My primary thought is that you are viewing the role of SharePoint in the
plan in the wrong way. Several thoughts on that.

1) SharePoint lists  are flat file and not a relational database.

2) SharePoint IS a platform for building  Line of Business apps, but
its role in that is to provide a centralized user interface, not data

3) The strength of SharePoint is to coordinate and share access  to
business data  that may be stored in 3rd party back end  systems. Then
extend it with easily created user data stored in lists and libraries
for collaboration.

My recommendation: Separate presentation of the data from storage.
Store the data where it is most appropriate, SharePoint or relation DB.
Then use tools in SharePoint to create the applications that
present/manipulate the data.