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SharePoint List Lookup

  Asked By: Eliseo    Date: Apr 02    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1305

I need your help in SharePoint List look up.

I have one list1:

Prod_ID Prod_Cost
223 100
224 200
225 100
226 50

I have other list2:

Sr.No Purchase_No Prod_ID Prod_Cost
1 20090920 224 200
2 20090921 226 50

Now in List2>> Prod_ID and Prod_Cost are LookUp Columns types which select ID
and cost from List1.
Here in new form if I select Prod_ID, I have to again select Prod_Cost manually
(which is double selection).
I need Auto-selection of Prod_cost-which is obvious thing which will save time.
e.g. If I select Prod_ID (223)--> It should automaticaly select its
corrosponding Prod_Cost (100) from List1

There are some softwares who make this kind of cascading list lookup available;
but I want this to be developed / Configured myself.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Jada Clemons     Answered On: Apr 02

i've facing the same problem before this. then my team had found solution for
this problem. u should to try it to. maybe it will help  to solve your issue.

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