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SharePoint for Internet-based financial document presentation

  Asked By: Kayla    Date: Dec 06    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1138

The organization I work for has been considering SharePoint for use as an intranet portal for HR type content. I was wondering if anyone has any key points for us also considering SharePoint as a host for financial documents (e.g. statements) presented to our customers via the Internet. We already have highly-customized web applications for our customers to access such information, built from the ground up in ASP.NET, and we have also a custom PDF archival and indexing solution to which our web applications retrieval and view methods are geared.

I am pretty sure from what I have read that SharePoint fits this use case, but I stand to be wrong. The key functional constraint is that we would have to maintain the look-and-feel of our web applications. In other words, we would have to use SharePoint in a non-visual manner unless of course we could customize its look-and-feel to fit with our web applications.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Candi Branch     Answered On: Dec 06

I think there's reason to be optimistic.

There are many good options to change the look and feel of MOSS (Microsoft Office SharePoint Server). It can be branded and changed to meet many UI requirements. Heather Solomon (http://www.heathersolomon.com/blog/) and others devote a lot of time to this subject.

MOSS could be a pure repository for the front-end system by way of its object model (available via the SDK) or web  services, or a combination of both.

MOSS provides many other platform features that could extend the existing customized applications.

It may be best to proceed with a proof of concept project with an experienced partner.