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Sharepoint Installation and Configuration with load balancing and publishing with ISA

  Asked By: Arulbretto    Date: Dec 19    Category: Sharepoint 2010    Views: 10385


I have two Application server in my internal zone VM1 and VM2 this both are in separate Physical Machine like VM1 in Ph1 and VM2 in Ph2 using hyper-view.

I installed SharePoint 2010 on both Application server.

Now ,

1. I need to do the load balance for this two SharePoint server.

2. Both server should have central admin, search admin and crawl component parts. Because, if my AppServer1 gets failed the Appserver2 will carry this for this scenario only im choosing this. I don't know whether it is write or wrong. If it is wrong please give me the suggestion.

(eg. If I have central admin in AppServer1 and Search Admin and crawl component are in other AppServer2 means na.

Unfortunately if my AppServer1 gets down what about the Central Admin where it will go.


3. After My SharePoint server configuration i need to publish SharePoint 2010 with ISA, Because my 2 web front servers are in External Zone (DMZ).

4. And one more thing i don't know whether i need to install the SharePoint in my DMZ or not and also domain .

Please help me.... How to i do this wonder.



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