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Sharepoint Hardware Architecture

  Asked By: Rikki    Date: Jun 28    Category: MOSS    Views: 970

I am involved in my first proper sharepoint implementation and I


hoping for some advice on hardware setup.

The client has suggested the following architecture and I would


to try and advise better for him:


Two processors


SQL 2005 Box

4 Processors


3 VMWARE'd Machines

1 for indexing 2 for web front ends.

The SQL Box especially is costing loads in terms of licensing, so I

wanted to give him advice on perhaps dropping maybe 2 of the


If anyone could give suggestions of what kind of hardware setups

they've used in the past that would be great.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Kelvin Mckinney     Answered On: Jun 28

I think there are a couple things you're confused about.

1) You are making a distinction between "MOSS" and "WFE/Indexing" -
WFE and Indexing are roles within a MOSS deployment so saying there is 1
MOSS, 2 WFEs, and 1 indexing doesn't make sense.

2) Separating the roles into different virtual machines doesn't
really buy you anything unless you are planning to:

a. Deploy the virtual machines on separate physical machines for
redundancy/load balancing

b. Do this strictly as a learning exercise to play with
multiple-machine configurations

For the load you outline, a single machine with all of the above will be
fine from a performance standpoint but I'd suggest installing as a
"complete farm" rather than standalone for future expandability if you
go that way. The number of machines you need from there depends on your
uptime/redundancy requirements. The minimum "high availability"
configuration is 5 machines (2 WFEs, 1 index, 2 SQL) - you could
potentially do this as 5 VMs on 2 physical hosts (WFE/index/SQL and
WFE/SQL) running your choice of VMWare or one of the Microsoft
Virtualization products (Virtual Server or Hyper-V).

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