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SharePoint Errors and their Fixes

  Asked By: Heriberto    Date: Oct 19    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1596

Your backup is from a different version of Windows SharePoint Services and
cannot be restored to a server running the current version. The backup file
should be restored to a server with version e12.0.0.6318Œ or later.

Install Infrasturcture update for wss.
(if done check for infra update for moss). sp1 for both moss and wss.

Configuration wizard Fails at the very end on 8th task.

check upgrade log and most importantly event viewer. event viewer gives good
info. My problem was resolved using event viewer. It told me that it was looking
for assemblies in GAC which were deployed using solutions but could not be
found. I had retracted the solution. So I redeployed and the assemblies were in
place and configuration wizard ended successfully.

Solution is not being deployed or retracted. It says scheduled but do nothing
although you selected deploy NOW as the option.

go to command prompt and run stsadm -o execadmsvcjobs, it will retract or deploy
what ever was waiting and doing nothing.

Create Variation doensft work. I create it works.

Do not run variation simply logging into site using browser. You must be
directly logged into the machine or should be using remote session like mstsc.

Content Type Mismatch error while running variation.

First check if it is a default.aspx page or not. If default page, then it should
fail since anything related with site definition like default page should not
have custom content type for variation to run successfully. If it has a custom
content type then you must provided custom site definition.

If it is not a default.aspx page then this should not stop variation from
running since the page is not the part of the site definition.

A broken kind of page is displayed with error message eAn unexpected error has

you might be typing an incorrect url e.g. instead of
https://www.goodmanintl.com:9443/en, you might be typing
https://www.goodman.com:9443/en i.e. intl is missing. This is when a site is
extended from the other. Look for the difference of https and http.

ssl site is not being restored.

Always restore ssl on a non ssl web application. Then you can extend it to an
ssl port. Experience says ssl sites are not restored on ssl web applications.

Error in red on right hand top corner of Central Administration page saying
gServer Farm Configuration Not Completeh.

go to central admin->app mgmt->under Office Sharepoint Server Shared
Services->click Check services enabled in this farm. Enable everything here. To
enable search give full user name i.e. domain\username or machine\username.Then
you also need to create SSP. then go again to check services enabled in this
farm. One more task to enable search for ssp would appear. enable it and error
will go.

A broken kind of page is displayed with error message eFile not foundf.

You may have just enabled SSL and trying to access your site using new https url
but you forgot or havent set alternate access mapping for SSL url in Central
Admin for your site. Go to Cental Admin and App Mgmt and Alternate Access
Mapping. Edit public urls, select your web application and add the ssl url along
with ssl port in any of the internet, extranet or custom boxes.

The content was not being crawled. Error shown in crawl log was gSSL
certificate sent by the server was invalid and this item will not be crawledh.

Go to Central Administration->Application Mgmt->under Search->click Manage
search service. On the page click gFarm-level search settings. On this page at
the bottom fill the check box saying gIgnore SSL certificate name warningsh.

Explorer view not working. My network place not working (creating new network
place for a document library). IE->file->open->fopen as a webf folder not
working. Upload multiple files not working. Open with windows explorer in
document library not working. Edit in Datasheet view not working.

Install office 2003. All started working instantly.



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