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SharePoint and EMC Documentum Connector

  Asked By: Lukas    Date: Sep 15    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1447

I am currently a part of an effort to install the EMC Documentum
Archive Services for SharePoint. It seems very new as I am unable to
find a lot of user feedback on the product.

Initially our scope is to use it for project site: when a project
closes the end user project manager can select an option to archive
the data and the connector will save the predefined documents and
lists to be saved to Documentum.

Has anyone used the tool, or something similar? My initial concern is
the ability to save the lists that are native within SharePoint unless
the tool archives it as an Excel file...



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Answer #1    Answered By: Jonathan Scott     Answered On: Sep 15

I've not yet been "lucky" enough to have any direct experience with the new EMC
Documentum Archive Services for SharePoint. However, I have seen a some of the

As you're aware, Documentum is generally centralized around the concept of a
document, and then extending a document with metadata (similar conceptually to
the way that SharePoint makes use of columns in document libraries) . It seems
(based solely on what I've read) that SharePoint columns in lists  will be mapped
to Documentum doctype metadata. I don't think that it will be exporting things
into XLS(X) docs, but I am very curious to hear from you how it does actually

Secondly, while I've not seen this type of 'site archival' done with EMC tools
per se, I have seen this concept done within SharePoint. I assume that the
reason for this archival capability is to increase performance of the primary
SharePoint site, to ensure that the information is still available, and take
these sites out of 'daily usage' mode to improve navigation, search results, and
site usage. I have seen multiple SharePoint sites used for this very concept.
In a nutshell, you can utilize one top level site  for your everyday use, and
then when a site needs archived, it can be moved to a different SharePoint site
that is running it's own content database, has its own navigation, yet this
Archive site content can be indexed as part  of the primary site search engine
and offered as a secondary scope. Also, this Archive site can be made 'read
only' to ensure that it stays as a record and not an interactive area.

While I realize that I've not directly answered your question about mapping list
columns into EMC, I hope that this provides some useful information.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time if I can be of any further or
additional assistance.

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