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Sharepoint Designer Workflow

  Asked By: Brenda    Date: Jan 19    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 2108

I have a workflow
that fires on item creation and item change. Now, I have a step which has an
if condition in the following format.

If Status = 'Pending'
update item
stop workflow and log message 'stopped'.

What is happening here is that when the item changes, the workflow fires,
executes the step, updates the item. But because of this, I believe the next
line to stop the workflow is not getting executed. The update item is firing
the workflow again and again and it never stops. One might say that change
the status again inside this step, so that this step is not satisfied again.
But I don't need that. Basically, the workflow should execute the step once
and stop the workflow. Please help me.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Karin Kerr     Answered On: Jan 19

Make sure that you are not just looking for the Approval Status to equal
something without waiting for it to change. If you expect the Approval Status to
change then wait for it to not equal Pending (default for a new item  awaiting

If, however, you are causing a change  event on the list item (re: update  List
Item) then it will continue to fire and change the list item which will make the
list item change and cause a change event to occur...do you see the problem?
Update List Item one time and also update a "flag" column (perhaps a Yes/No
checkbox) that you check at the beginning of the workflow. If the list changes
and starts the workflow, then your first step  (i.e. is "flag" = Yes) will tell
the workflow  to stop  immediately or go on to the actual first step of the

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