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Sharepoint designer and contributor settings

  Asked By: Shasta    Date: Sep 02    Category: MOSS    Views: 1428

I know in SPS 2003, we locked down access for users editing Sites /
Areas in FrontPage by making modifications to the ONET.XML file in the
appropriate TEMPLATE folder. With all the granularity in MOSS 2007 when
used with SharePoint Designer ...how are you guys preventing users from
doing anything (other than workflows)?

I see there's a Microsoft KB 940958 out there, but this looks like it's
going to block editing all together. I've also gone through using
SharePoint Designer to create the initial
_contributor_settings/{filename}.htm which contains some XML ...but my
only heartache here is there really isn't an efficient way (that I know
of), to do this en masse.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Richard Allen     Answered On: Sep 02

The tags you used in SPS 2003 in the ONET.xml still work in 2007, but I don't
think they will have the granularity that you are looking for to lockdown SPD so
it can only be used to create workflows.

You can use contributor  settings in SPD to do this, but that won't apply to Site
Collection Administrators since they are exempt from those settings. If I
remember correctly it won't apply to anyone with Full Control either. You can
create a set of contributor settings  using SPD and then export the XML file from
the site collection and use a MODULE in ONET.XML or a feature to import it into
any Site Collection where you need it. But as I said that only works for
non-admin users.

To control admin level users you will need to institute a set of company
policies and train anyone with admin level access how SPD should be used in your
company. There really is no other way to do it.

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