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Sharepoint Customization Challenges

  Asked By: Connor    Date: Feb 21    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1140

I'm hoping one of you Sharepoint gurus can help point me in the right
direction. I'm trying to apply some customization to Sharepoint and
I'm experiencing some difficulties. Here they are:

How can we apply a custom site wide header without editing every page
on the site?

We have successfully applied a custom header to newly created sub
areas, but failed to apply the header to those pages that come with
the default portal site, like "create sub area", "add
listing", "manage content", etc.

Customize left navigation component.
We have created a custom "Area Navigation" component, we
encountered a similar problem as customized site header. We manually
modified one page using Microsoft Front Page 2003 and replaced the
default left navigation component with the new area navigator, we
then use this page as template for all the sub areas. Now we want
this left navigation to apply to every page on the portal site,
including the dynamically created web part pages. How can we do this
without editing every page using Front Page?

Customize search box.
How can we move the search component on the banner/header area?

Can we rearrange the position of the search boxes? We want to put the
search source box on top of the search keyword input box and put
a "Search" text in front of the search keyword input box.

Customize My site.
I tried to hide all the default top navigation links and left
navigation link except the "Manage Alerts" link. I edited
Onet.xml on
both SPSMSITE and SPSPERS according to some online documents and
suggestions. But the change does not take effect. What files should
change, and what is the best practice?

During a version upgrade, will the default CSS files, templates and
default.aspx be replaced, overwriting any custom changes that have
been made?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Marty Mcdowell     Answered On: Feb 21

In a nutshell on the “site wide  header changes”, you can’t. The “stock” pages  don’t respect the AlternateHeader tag and areas and sites are different beasts and follow different rules. Serge has a HttpModule called SharePoint Skinner that lets you tweak html on the way out to the browser so you might be able to accomplish a global change that way.

Answer #2    Answered By: Dakota Shaffer     Answered On: Feb 21

Two suggestions that (with sufficient time) might help  you get these

If you are doing this level of customization  then you probably will
want to create  a custom  area template. There is no reason really not
to do this (even if you don't customize  it right away) and it should
be done before you stamp out all your areas.

Best two articles I have found on this are:

By doing customizations on a template you can do things like add new
web part zones and modify web part views (like adding new options to
the file drop-down). Frontpage might be useful as an editor, but do
not save directly back into the site  unless you are sure you want
to "unghost" your (see links) and lose the ability update globally
with your template.
For things that will appear on *every* page  such as a custom header
or footer, you might want to try this approach which I just found and
implemented today:

Use DHTML layer in an HTC file called through a stylesheet.(This only
works in IE.)


That page has a working example of "option 3" towards bottom.

I followed this to create an upper-right aligned toolbar with 6
custom icons (replacing/extending the 3 default  text links). In
theory you could replace the whole header  this way, but there is a
very slight delay before the layer appears, and a more elegant
solution would be to globally override the SPSWC:PageHeader control,
but I don't know how to do this. The alternateHeader approach you
mentioned does not seem to be an option since it only is applied  on
certain pages.

Anyways, the DHTML/layer solution sounds clunky but once you drop one
on your site you'll probably like the ability to put html over any
part of your portal  globally.

Answer #3    Answered By: Ted Gilmore     Answered On: Feb 21

Ya know, its not like everyone doesn't ask the same questions!!

And, it just seems to get worse from there.

Grrr @ custom  site definitions.

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