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SharePoint - Column Averages

  Asked By: Sandra    Date: Mar 07    Category: MOSS    Views: 14272

I have created a survey in InfoPath and published in SharePoint. I have added a column for Total Survey Rating that I want to have an average of the entire survey. The survey has 20 questions with a rating scale of 0 - 5; however the survey wasn't setup to require the customer to rate each question, therefore I do not want to include 0 or Null entries. I have tried various basic calculations (=Average) and (Sum of questions/# of Question > 0)but can't seem to get SharePoint to consistently work. I've also used

=(SUM(VALUE(IF(OR([Safety Q1]=0,ISBLANK([Safety Q1])),0,[Safety Q1])),(IF(OR([Safety Q2]=0,ISBLANK([Safety Q2])),0,[Safety Q2])),(IF(OR([Safety Q3]=0,ISBLANK([Safety Q3])),0,[Safety Q3]))))/(SUM(VALUE(IF(OR([Safety Q1]=0,ISBLANK([Safety Q1])),0,1)),(IF(OR([Safety Q2]=0,ISBLANK([Safety Q2])),0,1)),(IF(OR([Safety Q3]=0,ISBLANK([Safety Q3])),0,1))))

The above is one section.

I have 4 sections: Safety, Performance, Quality and Delivery. I use the following formula to average all 4 sections:

=AVERAGE([Delivery Average],[Performance Average],[Quality Average],[Safety Average])

My problem is if one section does not have any ratings, then the total survey average shows an error.

Maybe I've been looking at it all too long and there is a simple answer....help please.....



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