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Sharepoint Calendars and Meeting Invites

  Asked By: Kerry    Date: Oct 04    Category: MOSS    Views: 4766

I'm having trouble figuring this out and I was hoping
someone here can help.

I've got a few Calendars in Sharepoint 2007 which I have linked
successfully to outlook 2007. I am able to add items to the calendar
from Outlook with no problem, but users want to be able to do Meeting
Requests so that they can invite Attendees. I am able to do that
without a problem as well, however, when I do a Meeting Invite and
send it out to all the attendees, the item does not appear on the
Sharepoint Calendar. What I have to do for it to appear is, from
within my Outlook 2007, I have to open the Calendar Item and click on
the "Copy to my Calendar" button. This works some of the time and
sometimes it doesn't which is strange in itself. However users are not
liking the idea of this extra step just to have the Item show up in
the Sharepoint Calendar.

Has anyone else experienced this and found a solution, or at the very
least can someone point me towards some resources/documentation on how
to get Sharepoint Calendars and Meeting Requests to play nice. It
baffles me that adding a Meeting Workspace with Attendees won't show
up in the Sharpoint Calendar.

I've searched the internet for a solution to this problem with no



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