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SharePoint Business Data List Connector Example

  Asked By: Ojas    Date: Mar 03    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 2113

Can anyone give me an exmaple of how to use the SharePoint Business Data List Connector please. because im finding the 3 steps
1. connection string,
2. enter select statement and
3. chose primary keys(s) if required and no explanation on them.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Zachary Roberts     Answered On: Mar 03

ust download the BDLC at:


Whats the idea behind? With the BDC (or BCS in SharePoint 2010) the LOB data  remains external. That is sometimes a good idea, sometimes it causes problems, e.g.

* if you want to use the full list  features (views, sorting, grouping, calculated columns etc.) and no web parts
* if you have trouble to search the external data
* if you want to start business  actions in SharePoint using workflow / alerts etc., if external data records are changed
* if you don't have MOSS Enterprise Edition (required for BDC)

As you wrote, there are 3 simple steps only:

1. Enter the connection string for your external data source.
2. Enter a select statement that is supported by your external data source.
3. Enter primary key(s), to make use of advanced features (fast batch update in background, modified data only).

Then in the next step you can create the SharePoint list structure based on your selected result set with one click and update the data items. If a primary key is available, modified data is updated only in the list with very high performance (background batch update).

Thats the whole explanation. More info about connection strings, select statements, primary keys etc. you find in the FAQs and in the web more generally. There are connection strings and select statements for lots of databases, Excel, Access, text files - even for SharePoint lists ;-)))

So, btw. you can enable workflow or change notifications per RSS or email to take business actions, if your external data records are changed.

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