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Sharepoint Blog - Posts not filtered by Categories

  Asked By: Andrea    Date: Apr 25    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 23137

I am having trouble adding additional filters to the Posts displayed.

On the sharepoint blog site, when I click on Categories, posts are
not filtered.

Here's what I did,

1. Created a Blog site
2. Created a Post and assigned it to Category 1
3. Clicked on the Side Navigation Panel on "Category 1" and
items are filtered based on Category (which is perfect)

Now for the Customization I did (Showing only posts that have a
published date of "Today" or earlier)

Selected one of the categories "Category 1" and

1. Clicked on Site Action and Edit the Page
2. Edited the Posts Web Part properties by clicking Modify Shared Web
3. On the Properties clicked on "Edit the Current View"
4. Went to the filter section, Category was pre-selected with no
values set
5. Created an Additional filter by clicking on "And" and selected
column "Published" is less than or equal to [Today]

Saved the changes and went back to the Home page and clicked on the
Categories on the Side Navigation and all posts are displayed.

Also, I don't have a way to go back to get the categories listing to
work, even if I remove the additional filter I just added

Any Ideas, on how I can fix this?



4 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Sheryl Velez     Answered On: Apr 25

Interesting, it was easy to replicate that problem, and here's how I
fixed it:

1. click  a category  name on the left, or navigate to

2. Go into Edit page  mode, and add a Query String (URL) filter  web
3. In the web  part properties, Filter name = Name, Query String
Parameter name = Name (don't change this to anything else, it has to
say "Name")
Check the box "send empty if there are no values"
4. OK
5. Create a web part  connection that connects the Query String URL
Filter to the posts  web part, using the "Category" field.

NOW your list will filter correctly when clicking  the category names
on the left.

So, you were originally trying to set up this page to only display
today's posts? As long as that query string filter is on the page,
you can now go into the posts web part and modify  the view.

Answer #2    Answered By: Alexandra Lewis     Answered On: Apr 25

I am working with WSS 3.0 and I think the Query (URL) Filter Web Part
is available only in MOSS.

I did edit  the Category.aspx page  in Sharepoint Designer and edited
the ViewXml and changed the Where clause manually.

Answer #3    Answered By: Amancio Quant     Answered On: Nov 26

Hi, thanks for pointing to the filter webpart. The only drawback is the fact that if you use a Catergory with a space like "the Netherlands" the filtering doesn't seem to work because the URL is "the-Netherlands" (dash) and that's not the same as you want to filter on. The result page is empty :( [SharePoint 2013 on-premise)

Any idea?
Regards, Amancio

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